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Arri M Series

ArriMax 18/12

50% brighter than a 12kW PAR

Lensless design

Arc-like shadow quality

15° to 50° beam angle: Standard Reflector

8° to 15° beam angle: Spot Reflector

Easy Relamping

Superior lamp support

Supports lamps with GX51 or GX38 base

Uses 18kW SE or 12kW SE lamps


Arri M90

Lens-less MAX Technology

Closes the gap between M40 and ARRIMAX 18/12

New 9,000 W power class

New 9,000 W Osram lamp, the size of 6,000 W lamp

Superior light quality

Light output matches a 12K PAR (with lens)

As small and lightweight as a 6K PAR

Focusable from 16° up to 49°

Can also be used with 6,000 W (120 V nominal) lamps and ballasts

Uses existing 6K cables

Tilt locks on both sides hold any heavy accessories

Arri M40

Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use

Around 30% brighter than ARRISUN 40/25

Same size as ARRISUN 40/25 but over 3kg lighter

Compensation for Cable Loss (CCL)

Tubular steel yoke • Two disk brakes with steel handle

Cross Cooling allows safe operation at extreme tilt angles

Weather resistant IP23 rating

Arri M18

Lensless Arrimax Technology

New 1800W lamp

Virtually the same size as a 1200W lamphead but more than 70 percent brighter

Runs from most domestic sockets world-wide

Uses existing 575/1200 cables

Can also be used with 1200W lamps and ballasts

Cross cooling* allows safe operation at any tilt angle

True Blue tilt lock holds even heavy Chimeras

Weather resistant to IP23

Arri M8

Lensless MAX Technology: Easy to use

Extremely bright

Smallest lamphead with MAX reflector

Highly mobile for a wide range of uses

Focusable between 15° and 62°

Cross cooling allows safe operation even at 90° tilt

Uses existing 230 mm & 245 mm accessories and Chimera of True Blue D12

Uses existing 575 /1,200 /1,800 W cables with international connector

Possibility to operate at 1,000 Hz

Weather resistant

Tilt locks to hold heavy accessories stable