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Cranes & Jibs

Foxy Crane Advanced

Maximum Height: 7.3m/24ft.

Maximum Payload: 155kg

Total arm length: 9.75m/32ft.

Track Width:62cm/24.4in

Transport weight: 966kg

Scorpio telescopic crane 23

Maximum length: 7.10m/23'

Minimum length: 1.5m/5'

Back length of the arm: 1.8m/6'

Telescopic range: 5.6m/18'

Maximum optical axis height: 6.7m/21'

Telescopic column maximum extension: 30 cm/1'

Loading capacity in under-slung position: 70kg/154lbs

Loading capacity in over-slung position:45kg/99lbs

Required power: 220v/16A-110v/16A

Output power for the remote head: 30v/20A

Output power for the monitor: 12v/3A

Panther VarioJib

Length: 1.08cm-1.64m/42.5''-64.5''(8 cm steps)

Length with 100cm extention: Up to 2.64m/84''

Payload: 80kg/176lbs

Weight: 22kg/48.5lbs

Fisher Center Mount

The Center Mount can be used on the Fisher Dolly 10 & 11 supporting jibs,lightweight camera booms and conterbalanced camera cranes.

Maximum payload: 409kg


-Foxy Panther Crane

-VarioJib Panther

-Elemac Mini Jib

-MovieTech Jib



Maximum height:2.79m

Maximum payload: 40kg

Weight: 41kg